Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For some of you having problems

for those having some problems, make sure the setup EXE of the CD is in compatability mode, and then when the software is installed on your drive change the Zune Software EXE to compatability mode (Win XP SP2)


Eric said...

I've installed the Zune software on Vista RC1 a few days ago. Most things are working, but a few things aren't. I'm not able to tell if the problems are related to issues with the Zune software or the fact that it's running on Vista.

Here's what I found:

1) I get an error code 2 when I try to sign into the Zune Marketplace.

2) I haven't been able to transfer any album art to the device. All of my music was transfered fine, but I don't have any art. By the way, I've found that regular pictures and video also transfer without issue.

connie robite said...

what is a CD autorun? help me i cant download my zune on my computer i have vista but i do not know what this CD autorun email me at please and thank you