Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Got a ZUNE on Vista working

I bought my Zune today and rushed home to install it, only to find out it didn't work with Vista RC2. I know its beta software but that little fact could have been brought up before I paid $250. Anyways, too the good stuff. I wasn't gonna give up, so I kept playing around with the install disc and everything. This is how I got my Zune to work on Vista RC2 for me.

1. Don't let the Zune CD autorun - instead right click on it in my computer and choose open

2. On the Zune setup .exe right click and go to properties

3. Click on the compatibility tab, then check "run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select Windows XP SP2

4. Hit apply, then ok and now go back to the opened Zune folder and run the Zunesetup.exe

Everything worked for me, went right through the complete install. Let me know if you have any problems.


Test said...

Wow. Now that is much easier than I thought it would. I find it a little crazy that Microsoft would allow Zune to be released without Vista support. Yea yea. I know it is not in the consumers hands until Jan 30th...but still it is a black eye for marketing

Steve Wiseman
Windows Admin Tools

Joseph said...

:( I couldnt get it working...
I have an XP machine so its not that big of a deal, but I would love for it to work.

thanks anyways :)

Gus said...

Sorry but it didn't work here... :(

Alex said...

Doesn't work in RC1, I tried already. The installer just crashes before even opening any windows.

I ended up creating a 3GB XP partition dedicated to Zune software. Crude, but effective.

Dan Newton said...

that didn't work for me...
but this is looking better:

Jairus said...

Didn't work for me either, sorry

Anonymous said...

Worked for me on RC2. Be sure to also click "Run this software as an Administrator".

Thanks for the tip!

Alexander said...

thanks it worked

Nitin Verma said...

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